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CAD - Canadian Dollar. Our currency rankings show that the most popular Canada Dollar exchange rate is the USD to CAD rate. The currency code for Dollars is CAD, and the currency symbol is $.

Their tools are designed for traders and can be confusing for laymen, especially at first. Home Blog About Sir Charles.

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At Yahoo Finance, you get free stock quotes, up-to-date news, portfolio management resources, international market data, social interaction and mortgage rates that help you manage your financial life.

Silver is a super buy right now and will hold its value while everyone is being robbed. Have I bought silver? This is money that my government will not be able to steal.

I worked hard and long hours for my canadian coupon currency to have pompous know it all gamble it to keep the dollar low to help exports. Its my fn money and I want to keep it. I finally got around to doing a page for the Renminbi Yuan. Most of it looks identical to the USD due to currency pegging. Thanks for the suggestion! Which got me thinking about happens when the Bank of Canada just devalues the loonie to keep the US trade going.

Do they hold the money they made in the Treasury or is it just siphoned off some where? And the over the top printing of US currency is theft of a scale unimaginable huge, That has Escalated beyond belief, so much so that as long as everybody likes the emperor's new clothes it continues. What happens when the goods and services sector figures out that no matter what they do they loose ground to the ones stealing and printing the money?

I'm new in the economy world. This chart looks to me like a highway where everyone is trying to get to the finish line first, crossing lanes one another.

Is this the so call "currency war"? What would happen if the value in gold grams of all or any currency goes to 0? Does that mean that a new monetary system would have to be created? Is this the reason why we are working harder and longer hours and yet earning less while prices keep going up due to monetary inflation? Isn't this stealing prosperity even for billionaire who are extremely affluent but still will be even more affluent if they never had to conduct business in a deprecating currency?

If I'm right then nations all around the world should be enjoying a better standard of living under a gold standard due to a fair a preservation of purchasing power?

Hi Alexis, I think we are indeed headed for a new monetary system, and I agree with you that under a gold -based system the world would be enjoying a better standard of living… but I doubt that that is what the monetary powers want, or will give us. However, my belief is that by choosing our own money: And as others see the results, they will join us and spread the benefits throughout society to our mutual benefit.

This is an update. I would like to warn everyone going fool hearty on PM,s. A word of advice from someone who has been through the cycle. It's not only central banks it includes the people you walk among everyday.

This includes people who depend on the system. Which is pretty much everyone. To the comex that adjust margins to cool down rallies. To the Major bullion banks that control the PM's to favor the currency the governments use to project strength of their respective currencies.

Literally the whole world is against you and for you. It all depends on how dependent one is on the system. Click here to cancel reply. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Wordpress Hashcash needs javascript to work, but your browser has javascript disabled. I know that they waive the minimum monthly fee in the first 3 months, though or at least they did for me.

Otherwise, the Norbert Gambit could also work for you… it all depends on the amount and where your funds are currently located. Banks have been having high rates for so many years. I used KnightsbridgeFX and was able to pay them using bill payment, which was free.

I needed to send money to the US immediately, so I took advantage of their free outgoing wire transfer. I think any of the options mentioned above will save money vs. Hi Pierre, great post. Hi Pierre, thanks for the post, great helps. My bank said if I deposited the check I would get about 0. Opening the ING account? Great article Pierre… I been using Globex http: I might have found a better option. RBC offers a better option: The VIP package has a reduced conversion rate when transferring from one account to the other.

Someone can definitely look further into this and post what they find and experience. My question is related to foreign home purchasing. Hopefully you can provide some guidance. For the down payment, should I convert the money to Canadian dollar or should I issue a check?

I have Bank of America. The market rate showed about 1. But Bank of America give me 1. Please advise whether I should get a bank in your list. Not a great rate, but better than what BofA currently gives you. Another option would be to call a forex broker like Knightsbridge FX mentionned in my post, but there are many others and ask them for a quote. Just bought a property in Florida.

I tried knightsbridgefx with the deposit and everything went fine and then did the closing through them too. They were really helpful in getting me setup quick and they also did the wire transfer to the usa for me.

It was my first time doing something like this. When I compared with my bank, the bank was so far off, I was so glad I came across them. No wonder the banks are making so much money, their rates are so bad. Just wondering if you have any updates to your setup over the years? I receive USD wire transfers from clients. Your email address will not be published.