Motor Club of America (MCA) Review – It Looks Bad!


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The product is sold to new recruits so that the money flows up the pyramid. There are definitely easier ways to make money than trying to convince people to buy something. I'm baffled at how people can give such great reviews after paying double the asking price on used vehicles. We enjoyed the whole process and out of the last 4 vehicles we've purchased, I can't honestly say that I enjoyed the whole process.

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IRS Tax Levy irs tax levy table — chart to compute wage levy account. Jail for non filing tax? Just got an IRS levy notice. I purchased the GPS and it said the battery was low so all he said was driver's little bit and then call warranty company.

The same day CenturyLink was down so they gave me a 3-day temporary plate so I went back 4 days later not knowing that he emailed me replacement plate because you never gave me a call. And I live 45 miles away. On that day I brought it to his attention that the windshield wiper fluid wasn't working because somebody put water in it and it froze. He was quickly telling me just to call the warranty company or to take it up to Meineke.

So I guess I'll my next day off I got to drive round trip about a hundred miles to go get it checked out and to get the battery checked out. Oh yeah on top of everything on it needed a oil change but the guy just told me to contact the warranty company and he said Judy tells people to get a oil change within the first month of purchasing a car but he never told me when I picked up the car.

They want your business but they're quick to get you out. Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us and I can understand your frustration pertaining to your DriveTIme experience. Please know that all of our vehicles are pre-owned and inspected prior to being placed our lots for sale. Since our vehicles are pre-owned, it is hard to determine if and when mechanical concerns may arise. We appreciate your feedback and will certainly be using this to improve our level or customer service, in addition to better communication from our employees.

Should you wish to discuss this matter further, please contact our Customer Relations department at and a representative will be glad to assist you. We bought just what we wanted just how we wanted with no pressure and with payments affordable to us! We love our vehicle! DriveTime in Chandler, AZ is the best! Their cars are clean, shiny, and eye catching! We made an appointment and were seen at our appointment time! No extra sitting and waiting.

We enjoyed the whole process and out of the last 4 vehicles we've purchased, I can't honestly say that I enjoyed the whole process. Thank you Amber, Andrew, and Mo. Also the people at the Drivetime in Glendale were nice too. We Thank you for starting our buying process.

Everyone was awesome all the way to the beginning when I did my app online. I received a call from the Lafayette rd location. Do not remember the CSR that called me immediately after I submitted my app. She was very polite and helpful. We showed up to shadeland ave. And the wait was long but worth it, we were shown cars while we waited for a salesman to be freed up, like I said everyone was kind and courteous and Bryon and Nicholas were very helpful in assisting us in driving home in our new vehicle even stayed late to ensure we had everything we needed, thanks Bryon.

We know you are commission, but you and Nick's effort in making sure we drove home in a new car doesn't go unnoticed. We will recommend DriveTime to our family and friends. We love our traverse.

Connor was a huge help in getting us into our suv. My wife has wanted a traverse for sometime now. It I am happy that Connor could help me make her happy. She is enjoying it a great deal. She is actually driving again.

I bet she put miles on it in just the first 24 hours. She has even cried a little because she has it and of course because I traded my pickup to get it for her. I will recommend anyone to come see Connor or anyone at drivetime to by a vehicle. Again to drivetime and especially Connor thank you for your help in the purchase of our traverse.

Went to look at a car at the S. Decatur DriveTime in Las Vegas. We were looking at a hybrid. For some reason, the battery was dead. The sales rep took quite a while in trying to unlatch the hood. After approx 10 min, I went in to tell the manager. He was sitting at the counter working on the computer.

When I told him of the problem he informed me that he was writing a sale, and all of his help were busy. Needless to say we thanked the sales rep and left. I was shocked at the attitude of the manager.

I would definitely not recommend this car dealership. Thank you for providing your review. I can understand your frustration regarding your experience during your recent visit, and would like to apologize for the lack of assistance available to address the battery concerns during your sales process. We certainly do not want any of our customers to feel rushed and want to ensure each experience is personalized.

Our primary goal is to ensure customers leave our dealership feeling informed and confident in their vehicle purchase and in order to do this, we take the time to address any and all questions or concerns each customer may have.

Therefore, there may be situations where a member of our sales team may not be readily available to offer immediate assistance in unexpected situations. However, with that being said we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and I am truly saddened to hear that you left our dealership feeling otherwise.

Please know that we value all feedback, both positive and negative, and we will be using your feedback to help improve our level of service. Should you request to discuss your situation further, please contact our Customer Relations Department at The people were very nice, and I appreciate a fresh start, because I have been through hell the last few years. They just kept telling me he will be in in an hour to an hour and a half with van.

I waited all day. As I said the people were great. Someone from other dealer should have been sent up with van and taken back something from this lot. To have a salesman go over 3 hours from here to pick it up and bring it back while a customer sits there all those hours is insane.

Thank you for taking the time to write a review about your DriveTime experience. I am sorry to hear that you experienced an extended wait time while at the dealership. I want to assure you we strive to provide an expedient and stream-lined car buying process for all of our valued customers. However, we certainly do not want any of our customers to feel rushed and we want to ensure each customer experience is personalized. Please know that the ability and timeframe to transfer vehicles is limited to available staffing at the participating dealerships and can take extended periods of time.

With that being said, please also know that we value all feedback, both positive and negative, and we will be using your feedback to help improve upon our level of service. Thank you again for your time. The process was simple and upfront.

No haggle and nothing was forced. The experience was made to be easy and I feel great about my purchase. Everyone was so professional and kind. From the gentleman who took the deposit to the few people I made contact with upon arrival. Your sponsor will contact you and provide you with different marketing options.

Do associates receive residual income? The entire downline payment structure is explained in the mca training manual. You will be given a W9 tax form for independent contractors to return to file you own taxes. I have never been able to work from home and make money, how is this different from a pyramid scheme?

People who are not familiar with direct sales sometimes confuse it with a pyramid scam. Firstly, every company is a pyramid, the money flows up naturally.

In direct sales a successful company pays its members or associates to word of mouth refer as opposed to paying millions for advertisements. A top associate can earn more than a top exec at the company. What Is the official Motor Club of America website. It will have your assigned sponsors affiliate link at the end.

Follow the steps in your welcome email to get started. Do I need a bank account to receive my MCA commission? All MCA commissions are now paid via direct deposit every Friday. If you do not have a bank account to receive your payments you can order a free NetSpend prepaid Mastercard to setup free direct deposit.

Does Motor Club of America lock me into a contract? No MCA members may cancel their membership at anytime. There is also no cancellation fee, and you will receive a full refund if you cancel with 72 hours. This is truly a no risk membership. How do I get roadside assistance A. Call 1 Q. We average between 10 — 30 minutes travel time. However, a service representative will be able to give you a more accurate time when you call for service. Does a plan cover multiple cars?

Yes, as long as the car holder is present. We dispatch the best professional roadside service available to ensure quick service and to give you peace of mind. How long does it take to activate my membership? As soon as you are signed up and in our system.

Just call our toll-free number for any problem you have with your disabled vehicle or for questions on any benefits that are covered in your specific MCA plan. How do i know when a tow truck is coming? The MCA team will be in contact with you through the entire process.

Do you cover motorcycles? Do you cover horse trailers? Yes, we have a plan that covers trailer and horse trailers. How many times can I use my MCA road service benefits? Is there a cap on towing benefits? Unlike other auto clubs there is no cap on yearly towing benefits. Yes, unlike AAA roadside assistance, there is no immediate service.

You know the part I find interesting? So then I guess that does make MCA a pyramid scheme. Too many things wrong with this and only people already involved in MCA will try to defend their choice without even seeing the problems with this company.

Stand by your review and opinion. Thanks for the support Tina. Dear Kamilah, the first thing I look for in even a legitimate business are grammatical errors in dialogue. You wont have top argue on these posts and in life with people when you stop defending a scam company that is not your own business lol. Yes, maybe because if you use the service you fully understand it? I can market anything better if I have owned it something like arguing ps4 vs Xbox one or a service sprint vs t mobile.

And not the service? It seems pretty clear to me there that you do not have to pay to be an associate. This seemed like a pyramid scheme to me. And I can see how using pyramid scheme tactics can be beneficial lol. But so far it seems legit. I saw this page before and it was clear to me too that you did not have to pay.

I think that most MCA associates should have been banned already because I also read the rules and the associate agreement and I could point out a few rules that many of them are breaking. I believe that this may be where the common misconception that you have to pay to be an associate comes from.

There are still a lot of things that are off about MCA so my opinion on this company still stands. Qu en pensez vous? Je ne pense pas que ce soit un Ponzi.

Ponzis are different to pyramid schemes and that is what this is. I did Amway for two years before I got into affiliate marketing. Amway I think is a bit different but not by much. There are people who really focus on getting retail sales and build their business around that but they are constantly asked to do recruiting as part of business building and they do focus on that as well even moreso than trying to get retail sales.

With affiliate marketing which I prefer over MLM, you are free to affiliate with whichever company you feel like affiliating with and even multiple companies. If MCA wanted to have a more successful model then they should have chosen affiliate marketing and used a second tier so that affiliates could refer other affiliates.

Or is this the sales pitch in practice? Except no one really wants the overpriced fabulous roadside product. After reading through and being a member of the Motor Club, I must state my disclaimer: I am biased due to my memberships, yes, plural. Start-ups and the Entrepreneurial Spirit run deep in the family.

One time I left my keys locked in my Saturn SC2…. My Dad showed up to help. Sure enough, we were not covered by AAA. By pure luck, the tow truck driver was feeling benevolent and gave us a pro-bono tow…for five miles. Time passes and by some nonsense of life, I am unemployed. There I was, broke and willing to do whatever it took to cover my expenses. This fine gem is found in the Scam or Nah forums and I was damn, right certain it was definite scam with a side of pathetic.

Nevertheless, my curiosity killed me. Nope passed closed the internet for the day. I dial the , two rings later a person answer First of all, wow Vetches got me impressed. Within minutes, a tow arrives to attempt again in starting my car. We spend a solid hour trying and finally the tech calls the MCA and it was like a time warp:. I have been telling that story— along with the time my motor club covered my x-rays and arm sling after a collision and those films saved my lawsuit… which was also covered, be-tee-dubs— for almost a year and each time, for funsies to prove to my peers that a motor club CAN, has and did, I share my link…like Uber.

Freaking Herbalife…I did not check my back office because to me, I was not actively working for or with Motor Club of America. I was just sharing the times my membership came in clutch. I felt like in my stress, I created an opportunity to see a bigger picture in marketing. Cindy, my 2 cents, I thought it was a scam, because it took 2 months before I made my first sale, but if you stay dedicated and consistent you will make money.

I can say that. Because they chose to pay with a prepaid card not a bank issued debit or credit card. It happen to me twice and i left. I will never do mlm again after that happen. If that does happen then you have every right to be pissed.

More recently, theyve been adding some insurance to the package. I wonder if there isnt a law about using a name looking alike one existing to falsy clame beeing affiliated? I partner with companies that sell stuff online, promote their stuff and if someone buys from them after clicking a link on my website, I get a commission.

If you want to learn more about it check out this free training. I mean, just look at the comments coming from the obvious MCA shills. The company is absolutely real it does offer Roadside Assistance and many other benefits that no other company can match.

Doing my brutal research I also found out that MCA has been terminating many Associate accounts due to false promoting. Is MCA a scam? Is MCA a pyramid Scheme? Sure it is Just like every other company out there. There is always the Top guy making all the money….. MCA is a direct sales job not a get rich scheme you have to sell the product. I think most people get confused with this. They join and expect to make a fortune in 1 day with no effort.

Actually go and do research yourself. Ending comment judging by the many comments on this site lot of Biased ignorant Minds here. Do full more direct research before trying to dis a company you obviously know nothing about. Great thread and great comment. I always expect to get responses from people who are members of MCA lol because no one wants to look like they are members of a wild goose chasing club like MCA.

I hope you guys make a ton of money and pay a ton of taxes to stimulate the economy. Although you have provided me with just the laugh I needed this morning. Just out of curiosity what company is that? So please help me to understand this magic company that you are with cause just maybe il switch over my assistance. As for your comment as about Pyramid. Now what company offers members that kinda of commission on there own product? All I see is the owners of MCA really taking care of there members.

I could be wrong though. Nobody is saying this a scam the point is it is a legit pyramid scheme. This company is a pyramid point blank. Good for you brother. Plus it will beef up your social security since you are raking in the dough. Just a few lines about MCA from someone who has been a member since The strongest point, for me, is how many 90 year old pyramid schemes have you or anyone ever heard of?

So this pyramid is quite new and younger than you think. Spent a good amount of time reading these reviews…most interesting.

My quest being to determine if MCA is a legit roadside assistance service. I am an independent contractor delivering auto parts with my own vehicle and spend all day on the road. Would not make much sense to not have roadside assistance and AAA has been my source. From what I have learned from auto repair shops.. No that I have any problem with AAA. As far as referrals would be cool to offer MCA to people in my profession..

Answered my own question…called MCA got a relatively quick response…certainly several prompts about associate questions…but they answered my questions and it turns out that my personal vehicle I use would not be covered as they would consider it a commercial vehicle.. They impressed me as being legit.. For jobs, indeed and glassdoor holding 5 stars strong. Take your bitter nasty ignorant self and choke. I hope you starve to death. People like you taking good jobs from single parents, make me ill.

Maybe if you had done better research, you might be able to know these things. People were in a better position than they were after they took the opportunity that I presented to them. There are even some that tried MCA and then thanked me for showing them a better way. But thank you for expressing how you really feel about this article. Your feedback is very important to me. Real quick… Has anyone looked them up recently? Like I stated I only wanted to see if the product was legit. From my experience, back in February I got into a car accident which left my car totaled in an intersection.

Got T-Boned by a lady while I was turning. I needed a tow truck. I was seriously ready to call my insurance company to get them to tow my car. But in my surprise the MCA number that I called a rep answered and literally within 20 min the closest towing company came out their and picked up my car and drove me to the nearest repair shop. Honestly, let me tell you guys that I was not expecting them to answer my call, at all and definitely not expecting them to actually get a tow truck out their for me.

If you have the means to live without it but curious to see if it is legit then, why not you only live once try it out for a couple of months.

En tout cas merci encore mais moi je suis un peu perdu face a cette situation que MCA nous propose! Mais tu ne le sauras pas.