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Hier finden Sie einen Überblick über die aktuellen Veränderungen bei den Leerverkaufspositionen deutscher Aktien am 1-Woche-Intraday-Chart SOFTWARE AG.

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Two separate forex feeds, about 60 currencies 9 types of charts - bars, candles, renko, kagi, point and figure, heikin-ashi, three-line breaks and other.

In an upward trend, to plot an "O" of the reverse direction, it requires significant movement in the opposite direction before the trend is considered to have reversed. The number of boxes here is for specifying the amount or the number of change in boxes in the reverse direction before an "O" is plotted.

For example, if we provide 3 as the Number of Boxes for Reversal, during an upward trend, it requires a negative change in price of 3 boxes before an "O" is plotted. This is the same for the downward trend. An increase in price equivalent to 3 boxes is required before an "X" can be plotted. When the reverse trend is met, three consecutive "X"s or "O"s are plotted. The reverse in trend is plotted in a new column.

The diagram above shows the price is initially in an upward trend. Then prices started to fall by 3 or more boxes. The three "O"s are thus plotted in a new column in the chart. This is where the beauty of Point and Figure comes into the picture. It takes several boxes to reverse a trend. That means only significant change in price movements is considered, other changes are treated as noise and ignored. Some common patterns This section illustrates some very common patterns traders use for predicting prices.

Bullish Signal The diagram above shows a bullish signal. Notice each time the trend reversed to "X", the price went higher than the previous high. If a simple trend line is draw at the bottom of the "X"s, it shows an upward trend. Bearish Signal The diagram above shows a bearish signal. Notice each time, the trend goes downwards. The new low is lower than the previous low.

The widget features live quotes for Oil prices, spot Gold price and stock market indices. Visit our Stock Market widget builder. Login to message board. Shares watch list share news charting. Share prices up Share prices down Sectors up Search share prices. Search A to Z. Market news headlines Share Prices - BP share price: UK Market Close - S. Korean chip shares boost This is an example of adapting Fibonacci numbers into market ratios.

In this phase, we use our tools to make projections about the direction of the market. As you can see, our projections were confirmed. Our tools predicted the trend.

The Fibonacci Arc tool is very unique in characteristic, due to the fact that it applies the theory of Fibonacci mathematics to a curve, which allows us to predict out into the future a series of Fibonacci wave patterns, or Fibonacci retracement and Fibonacci projection levels. This is done by drawing a Fibonacci Trend line from the low of a market to the high of the market, which places the Fibonacci Arc points relative to the overall historical trend in an effort calculate the future trend.

Using the Fibonacci Arc, you can analyze and predict which way the market is headed. See full risk disclosure for hypothetical limitations.