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Regulatory control functions include control loop tuning and assessment, as well as dead-time compensators and feed-forward options. Screen from technical indicators, Morningstar fundamental criteria and hundreds of built-in watchlists.


Under the basic pricing model, charges are only incurred once concrete savings have been realised. OPP has helped clients worldwide save millions, with pulp mills, steel mills and chemical plants among the industries that have reaped proven benefits in weeks rather than years.

The analytical software collects information from systems about each control loop, control valve, motor, and variables in the process. Sophisticated signal processing and statistical tools in the software identify loops that are not performing optimally and predict the economic impact on the process. Then, the human expertise takes over. ANDRITZ experts work with your operations and maintenance people to prioritize the opportunities and make corrections.

For some loops, it can be a simple fix like repairing a valve. Others require analyzing the overall control objective and changing the process control strategy to eliminate off-spec production, overconsumption of chemicals and energy or sources of process variability.

The result is an increase operational stability and reduction of waste. Tools such as the dashboard allow managers to gain a clear overview and access KPIs, balanced scorecards and project management tools.

The Notifier alerts operators about process deviations that require fast action, while the Data Historian tool acquires and stores big data and presents it in a way that you can immediately see what you need.

OPP is an especially powerful aid for operators and shift supervisors, for example with the Logbook. No ID theft, no fraud, no additional fees. Our platform takes the stress out of online transacting with the latest in innovative technologies: Trusted around the world, see how NetCents can help you build your empire. Our advanced, innovative platform does everything a traditional payment processor does — only better.

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