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What is the difference between Hindu and Snatan Hindu? What is the difference between Aryans and Hindu?

Meaning of TEHSIL in Hindi Translation of TEHSIL

However, there is no national language of India to recognize the linguistic pluralism in the country. Instead, it is one of the 22 languages recognized by the Constitution of India. It is the 3rd largest religion, behind Christianity, Islam and Irreligion. It is also argued that Hinduism must be regarded as a philosophy or a way of life, considering that neither it does have a prophet, nor does it have well codified scriptures.

However, India is a secular nation. The Constitution of India treats all religions equally and all the religious holidays are observed. Apart from a majority of Hindus, India is also home to million Muslims ,30 million Christians 20 million Sikhs and 8 million Buddhists. Since Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism are also of Indian origin, followers of these religions may also be called Hindus.

Many Muslims and Christian of India do not identify themselves with Hinduism, so they are not considered Hindus. Hindi is a language spoken by majority of the people of India and it is India's national language. Sometimes the word Hindi is also used to mean Hindu or Indian. Hindu is a person following Hinduism. Ask New Question Sign In. What is the difference between Hindu and Hindi?

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What is the difference between Hindi and Marathi? What is the difference between Hindu and pro-Hindu?

Quora User , M. Answered Sep 15, You can remember this as follows: Hindu ends in U, which is the short for 'you', so 'Hindu' is reference to a person. Replace the U with I and I'll be speaking Hindi.

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