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FerdiS DivGro July 3, at

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Hilton Hotels have been laundering money for the cabal. Rockefeller thanked NY Times and other media for not divulging the cabal's plans of conquest of America. General Alexander Haig wrote the attack plan. Lockheed Martin and Ace Elevator were involved in the explosions of The DOD stated that it will not allow a civil war in america.

Galactics have neutralized all nukes on earth. The Rothschilds are hiding underground at their Switzerland castle. IRS will be forced to return monies taken from Americans through their phony tax system and paid to the queen and Fed officials. Stay away from Dust Devils as the ones with 'large bases' are Portals. Zig Brzezinski and Bill Gates are dead. Mueller has actually been working for the good guys.

Planetary extinction of over species and types will be halted along with the deforestation, mining and pollution of our planet. The aquatic extraterrestrials have been cleaning up our oceans for us. The 'drug cartels' in Mexico are being ended. Alphabet Agencies to be terminated: It has taken 39 years to identify and correct the Cabal problem in America. Europe is next International Bounty Hunters will work the rest of the planet and earn millions hunting down rogue and corrupted individuals.

Currently there are , nationwide arrest warrants, 35, sealed Indictments, and 25, asset freezes and seizures. Good job keep it up. The power of compounding really works, especially if you reinvest dividends, add new capital every month, and invest in solid dividend growth companies. All the best to you and happy investing! That creates a solid basis already. Add to that 8K of options income and you have a possibility to be FI in certain areas in the world.

The Bay Area is quite expensive and getting more so it seems. All the best to you! Because of that reason, the market discounts GOOG slightly. I don't care to vote and would rather pay slightly less for the shares.

Wow some nice non dividend paying stocks that you purchase,are we going to see an article on them. I did buy NVDA in june but i did ended up paying premium price for it. Yes, I'll write about my non dividend paying stock purchases soon. I'm quite busy but hoping the slower summer months would give me a chance to catch up! Take care and happy investing! Very curious to hear about adding the non-dividend paying stocks. I have a couple of non-dividend payers before I switched over to a Dividend Growth strategy.

But wondering why you made the purchases after following your established plan for so long. Looking forward to hearing why soon. Great month and quarter as well. Hi, Mike -- I write about those purchases soon.

Thanks for your comment and happy investing! Hi FerdiS, congrats on flying past the 2k for the month of June. That are some awesome numbers.

I like the purchase of more Cisco shares. I just opened a small position in CSCO and plan on adding. Hi, DividendSolutions -- thanks for your comment!

You'll see you dividends increase in no time; just keep at it! Keep up the inspirational journey! Truly impressive dividend income total. Thanks, Investment Hunting -- keep going and you'll hit those marks soon enough. On the first chart in this article, you can see when I hit various levels for the first time.

That snowball is rolling pretty fast now! I mean if they did pay a dividend, you would expect it to be a growing one considering the way they crank out FCF You're right, catfishwizard -- the snowball is gathering some serious extra layers quickly! For the time being, just think of my investment as a premature investment in future dividend paying stocks: I look forward to the post. I don't doubt that Facebook and Google will eventually start paying a dividend. Der var flere hundrede hjemloese og det var blot et af flere centre i London.

Saa betal din skat med stor glaede og vid, at den goer stor gavn. Jeg ville selv vaere ekstremt stolt, hvis jeg betalte millioner i skat, men det er desvaerre ikke mine smaa-penge, der betaler for driften af et helt hospital eller en hel skole. Data er forsinket minutter iht. American Airlines Group Inc. Automatic Data Processing Inc. Baidu Inc - American Deposit. Broadcom Limited - Ordinary Sh.