7 Common Reasons Users are Abandoning your App


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Weathercube gets onboarding right by clearly telling users how to use their product in just three slides. February 29,

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Mobile App Monitoring Understand your user experiences and keep them on your app Check for reliability pre-release, in production, competitively and to ensure SLA compliance.

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Heading out to the farmers market is a popular activity for many Albertans, especially in the summer. But, they occur most often when people install a mobile app under the belief they will receive some specific type of value or feature in return, only to feel let down after downloading the product. Sometimes, the value or feature that users want to take from your product already exists in your app, and they may have missed it somehow. Making users wait while your product loads can harm the UX and increase your abandonment rate.

In order to effectively do this, you need to have a tool that will provide you with straightforward, actionable insights on your app. Due to this need, many top mobile teams are turning to qualitative analytics in preference to traditional analytics. Maybe a particular screen within your app has a high quit rate?

Or maybe you have an irregularly low number of new users completing your sign-up screen? In order to effectively boost your retention rate you need to take a hard, objective look at your app and assess whether your app is guilty of contributing to any of these 7 reasons. Happy, active users are the key to success. Hannah is the Head of Content at Appsee. A UX and mobile app enthusiast, she has a great affinity for discovering and sharing unique insights and resources with the mobile tech community.

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We hope you understand, and consider subscribing for unlimited online access. We know that empires crumble: Right now pundits are focused on the threat of Android. Apple is still shipping plenty of iPhones, but even Steve Jobs must recognize that if his were a Roman empire, the numberless device manufacturers selling Android devices are the metaphorical barbarians at the gates. The real threat are web apps. Steve Jobs thought web apps were the future too, in when he announced that the iPhone would have plenty of apps — all of them available through the browser.

As is often the case with Jobs, he was just a little too far ahead of the curve think of the Newton, his first attempt to create an iPhone-like device which led him to later reverse himself and create a native app store anyway. But try opening Nytimes.

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