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Live-Charts 0,0,2,3,0. Animated, MVVM charts, for WPF, WinForms under the MIT Licence (Free), written in C#, LiveCharts listens for any change in your data automatically and updates UI.

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I'm confused of how i should properly implement this pattern for the realtime update, and if the plot library is able to do that. This is my actual code its a simplified version of what i will do and doesn't implement any multithread code. That will cause the view to update, otherwise the view has no way of knowing that the formatter changed.

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This is my actual code its a simplified version of what i will do and doesn't implement any multithread code ModelView Code: Cezar Sas 94 2 Anthony Nichols 1 14 The problem is not the formatter, in my "main" implementation the plot updates a second after the stream of data ends, without me changing the formatter values.

I only insert new datas in the Series. If your formatters never change than the issue is probably related to Live-Charts Everything else looks fine from an MVVM standpoint. I updated the post with the output of my "main" implementation. I don't post it because it's garbage code that i need to fix. Star Fork Watch Issue Download. WebSite Chat Questions and support? Good looking, animated and easy to customize charts, you can practically change all properties.

Supports zooming and panning. MIT License, permissive licensing, yes free. Why is LiveCharts different to other charting libraries? How to use it? Add charlesSeries ; seriesCollection. Do not need animations? Support WPF and Winforms, currenlty the library is in the process to become a cross net library Wpf WinForms To verify if you are using a supported.