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Domain Registration Data Compare it to Registrar and Status Registar Digivity B. Similar Domain Names 1. Social Engagement Compare it to Server Information Compare it to Her name is Faith. Some of them sit at tables and make passes at men. The more daring ones accost men leaving the place and offer their company. One of the side attractions at Jonvee is the performance of semi-clad female dancers, who entertain guests.

When Saturday Sun was there, a rotund dancer dished out suggestive stuff, as Makossa music blasted from the speakers. A few meters away from Jonvee is De Konsolate nite club.

There, sex workers keep vigil, in anticipation of patronage. They are alert, watching out for the slightest signal from potential clients. A middle-aged woman simply known as Omowunmi runs a prostitution ring in Benin. His son and wife is not as vibrant and faith believing as he was. Benin City ooo the devil as capture it and the churches are sleeping. What is happening to Nigeria and the God fearing Nigerians.

Where are the leaders of the churches, who should be teaching and praying to break the bondage of oppression in this country. Sex and money is two things that the devil is dangling before Nigerians. The weak Nigerians are following for it and losing their souls.

Where is the Christian Community busy speaking in divers tongue instead of fighting the master of the divers tongue. Busy witchcrafting the sheep of Jesus instead of encouraging Faith and Hope. It is so sad to see what the ladies are doing to themselves.

So which Nigerian man is going to marry them. Have they look at their lives don't they understand that HIV is real. How many of them do the HIV test? Can't they according to their situation? They are working but because they want to live the high life they are prostituting their selves.

What about the MEN who are encouraging this slackness. They have their wives at home and go to the girls on the streets. Don't ladies know that they are making their lives a destruction laying with this married men.

Sad so sad that my women folks are allowing the devil to use them like this. Where is your strength to overcome the devil. Deep down it is there reach for it. These are results of bad Govt and irresponsibility. Now i am even scared of going back to my own country. With HIV on a wide spread pple still engage on such risk in the name of fun and survival. This is high way to the grave. In as much as I do not support prostitution, the problems lies on Nigerian Leaders and Government that has squndered and looted nigeria money not providing JOBs for the teaming population of the country.

It is so refreshing to read a post by a knowledgeable person who understands the situation. Thank you Hon for a great post. I wished most people had your level of knowledge. Prostitution is not a profession people go into because they love it. Prostitutes were forced into the sex trade out of necessity. Prostitution is a byproduct of a failing society destroyed by creed and corruptions. There are two groups of prostitutes.

The younger ones started because most had no adequate education, marketable skills or responsible parents who could take care of them. Then there are the older ones. Some are single parents who are forced to sell their bodies to feed their children.

These are women who are divorced or lost their husbands and have children to feed, cloth and provide a roof over their head. Please before you condemn a sex worker, try to understand their situation.

Poverty is the main cause of prostitution. Benin does not have the largest number of prostitutes within a city. A few cities surpass Benin City. From largest to the lowest: