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Please check back next week for an update. Einige unserer beliebtesten Transferrouten sind:. Daraufhin wird der Wechselkurs angezeigt, den Sie im Voraus erhalten. Wir zeigen Ihnen auch genau, wie viele ruandische Francs die Person, an die Sie das Geld senden, erhalten wird. Um zu überprüfen, wie viel Sie senden können, wählen Sie den Überweisungstyp aus, geben Sie den Betrag ein, den Sie senden möchten, und ein Popup-Fenster wird angezeigt, wenn das Überweisungslimit überschritten wird.

Unsere branchenführende Technologie schützt Ihr Geld und garantiert, dass es jederzeit sicher am Bestimmungsort ankommt. Wir sind weltweit von staatlichen Behörden lizenziert, sodass Sie sich sicher sein können, dass wir die höchstmöglichen Standards einhalten.

Sven Hauenstein - 4 months ago. Peter D - 14 months ago. Michel Butoyi - 4 months ago. Rita Feinermann - 5 months ago. Heinz C - 9 months ago. Fit Ananda - 37 months ago. Geld nach Ruanda senden. Mobile Money Instant transfer. Exotic and hazardous materials Bühler has built up extensive expertise in handling exotic target materials.

Providing a safe design to work with po- tentially toxic or flammable materials is crucial for estab- lishing a safe, reliable and responsible working environ- ment. Bühler is always dedicated to creating the best solution for the requested process. Although Bühler Leybold Optics is active in developing all different fields of coating technologies, for ex- ample PECVD or evaporation methods, magnetron sputtering is still the technology of choice in large area coating.

The company offers all relevant sputtering methods, including DC, DC pulsed uni- and bipolar , MF and HF with rotatable and planar cathodes for the deposition of metallic, semiconducting and insulating films at high sputter rates. Bühler Leybold Optics top-pumping cathodes ensure process stability with optimized footprint characteristics.

Customer benefits — Optimized magnetic configurations for excellent uniformity and utilization — Optimized double planar geometry that allows the use of two standard single planar targets in parallel — Top-pumping versions of all Bühler planar and rotatable cathodes available — Advanced target moving system for extended utilization of crucial materials in a given layer stack — Easy and quick maintenance Bühler Leybold Optics large area coating 7 Whether rotary or planar geometry, Bühler creates efficient solutions, such as double planar cathodes that can be equipped in standard GLC series H coating compartments using two full-size standard single targets.

Vacuum deposition equipment at a glance. Highest target utilization through move-target technology, lowest particle impact via a completely contact-free carrier transport system and minimized footprint with a rotation chamber concept for substrate return are just a few of the features that make LEYBOLD OPTICS DIS series V unique in the display world.

Bühler offers state-of-the-art solutions for thin-film applications. Technologies with high throughput for large-sized glasses or specialized coaters for the high-tech and telecommunications industry. The ever rising demand for high performance optical layer stacks and the multiplicity of different layer characteristics require a flexible, reliable and highly productive machine concept. Flexible production solution with excellent quality. Its modu- lar design concept covers all current glass formats and coating processes — from anti-reflective coatings to Low-E, solar control and other advanced functional coatings.

The sophisticated design and the proven choice of high- quality equipment ensure reliability at low investment costs and optimal cost of ownership for coated glass production. High performance technology for glass coatings. Advanced gap management Managing the gap between two consecutive substrates or batches has a major impact on the utilization of raw material and hence the cost of ownership of the coat- er.

Bühler Leybold Optics advanced gap management saves target material and minimizes the necessary cleaning efforts by reliably reducing the gap between two consecutive glass panes down to 30 mm.

High temperature vertical inline coating. Although initially designed for the challenging application of electrochromic window coatings, this machine perfectly fits any application in the field of large area coating. The revolutionary chamber design with opening tracks allows for an optimized maintenance procedure and con- tributes to the overall efficiency of this high-performance production solution.

The system is the first choice for high-performance low-particle impact production with excellent coating layer quality. Unique tilted design for challenging processes. The system can be equipped with a housed carrier return track to avoid particle impact from the surrounding atmosphere or to retain dust from potentially hazardous sputter material from emitting into the production facility.

Depending on carrier design — Coating technology: The system can process large substrates in sizes of up to Gen 10 2. Depending on the requirements, a contact-free transport system is available, using magnetic linear motor drives. A powerful solution for all display applications. Another major advantage of this approach is the folded design of the machine, which allows for an optimized footprint, as the return track can also be equipped with cathodes and heaters.

These unique features make this production solution a smart choice for every vertical in- line sputter application that requires substrate heating and excellent process results, like TCO or carbon coatings.