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This led to renewed debate regarding the graphical design of the character for the purposes of Unicode typefaces. Historical typefaces offering a capitalized eszett mostly date to the time between and At the height of the Antiqua—Fraktur dispute , in , Fritz Helmuth Ehmcke designed an Antiqua font intended to preserve the advantages of Fraktur for the purposes of typesetting German without resorting to a bastardization of the two traditions.

Ehmcke-Antiqua was adopted by Stephenson Blake under the name Carlton , which was adapted without the specialised ligatures offered by Ehmcke 's original font in digital form by Linotype in An example of this is the Cicero specimen published by Bauer Type Foundry c.

The Duden was edited separately in East and West Germany during the s to s. The East German Duden of 15th ed. In August of the same year, Duden Bibliographisches Institut , duden. Its inclusion in ISO in revived the century-old debate among font designers as to how such a character should be represented.

There are two basic approaches: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Grosse Eszett. Auflage, Leipzig , S. Archived from the original PDF on Where to download the e-Gro app? How can I activate my account? Use your email address as the user name. This is the e-mail address to which the activation email was sent to. If you forgot your password you can reset it using the app or portal.

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